ILAE is a global organization that serves as the lifeblood for practitioners, academicians and families in their search for all things related to epilepsy. ILAE’s previous website was in need of a complete refresh both visually and technically. Its previous site lacked the organizational structure needed to allow the site (and ILAE organization as whole) to grow and evolve. We were asked to build a new, responsive site and conduct a complete overhaul of all content areas. ILAE’s previous site had no central content management system to help bring order to all of the content chaos.

Solution Highlights

  • Fully responsive designs
  • Enterprise content management
  • Regional / Country standardization
  • Dynamic people & committee pages
  • Google Calendar, Maps, User Directory API integrations
  • News management
  • Cloudinary advanced image management
  • Sophisticated web forms
  • Member portal
  • Separate development, staging, and production environments


By working closely with ILAE staff, leadership, and volunteers, we were able to plan, design and develop a completely custom-tailored, responsive website to meet their exact needs. We assisted ILAE in updating and unifying their brand across all web properties. We implemented a sophisticated enterprise content management solution and created a unique regional/country model of information sharing. We created a system that allows ILAE to dynamically share over 36,000 member records from its 3rd-party membership software. We also created numerous related / shared content areas, including people records with the corresponding committees they serve on. We built several custom forms (chapter annual reports, commission annual reports, contact, donations, dues payments, endorsement requests, meeting space requests, publication, volunteers) to meet very specific needs.


The new ILAE site now provides more timely, relevant content to its global audiences. It now receives an increased amount of traffic from across the world and continues to serve as one of the most preeminent sites representing the field of epilepsy. Regions, countries and chapters enjoy the benefits of inclusion within the main ILAE site while having the independence to offer their own specific meaningful information.