Circle Health’s initial website was very small, home-grown and largely fragmented. It lacked true site architecture or real content management and was plagued by many disjointed content areas. In addition, Circle Health faced a challenge of building better brand continuity with its flagship entity, Lowell General Hospital. As the need to elevate and promote the Circle Health brand increased, it became very apparent the old site would not be able to properly serve the organization’s needs.


We worked closely with Circle Health’s marketing team to build a new site that leveraged many of the visual and technical underpinnings of the Lowell General site. We were able to keep costs down by re-using significant areas of front- and back-end code and finding creative and innovative ways to share and synchronize content (i.e. locations, news, providers, etc.). With a rock-solid enterprise content management system in place, we set the stage for increased service line promotion, greater Circle-branded provider visibility, more accurate representation of all Circle Health locations, integrated health content integration, and much more.

Solution Highlights

  • Fully responsive designs
  • Enterprise content management
  • Shared, synchronized Location and People content from
  • Hero banner campaigns
  • Urgent Care wait times
  • Dynamic people & team pages
  • Appointment scheduling integration
  • Testimonials management
  • Urgent Care patient registration
  • Schema
  • Google Calendar, Maps, User Directory API integrations
  • YouTube channel, playlists, videos administration
  • StayWell API health content integration
  • Cloudinary advanced image management
  • Sophisticated form building
  • Shared content modules – CTAs, Locations, News, People,
  • Staywell Health Content, Videos, Wait Times
  • Separate development, staging, & production environments


The new Circle Health site gave Circle’s marketing team total control of managing their digital campaigns. While managing a brand and set of guidelines similar to Lowell General Hospital has come with its set of challenges, having a robust Circle Health web property has allowed the marketing team to drive Circle-specific promotions in a new and streamlined way. Circle Health site traffic has increased each year since its new site was released.