Heywood Healthcare is a non-profit healthcare system located in North Central Massachusetts. Its two flagship websites, Heywood Hospital and Athol Hospital, were in need of new, responsive page layouts and a content overhaul. Facing increasing demands from its audiences, Heywood knew it would need to invest more time and resources in its websites to better position themselves in a competitive marketplace. Our team was tasked with building the new sites in a way that would allow both Heywood and Athol to share similar content, while retaining their own unique independence where necessary.


Together with the help of Heywood Healthcare’s marketing and leadership teams, we created two new, elegant, fully-responsive, content-rich websites for both Heywood Hospital and Athol Hospital. Built on a foundation of enterprise content management, the new sites were given a complete back-end overhaul. The new sites allow for a very flexible and modular approach to adding and sharing content throughout the site.

Solution Highlights

  • New, completely redesigned, responsive websites
  • Enterprise content management
  • Service line standardization
  • Dynamic people & team pages
  • Hero banner campaigns management
  • Event registration & calendar
  • Location management
  • Google Calendar, Maps, User Directory API integrations
  • Synchronized People content across multiple sites
  • YouTube channel, playlists, videos administration
  • News management
  • Cloudinary advanced image management
  • Sophisticated form building
  • Bill pay system
  • Google Campaign URLs
  • Shared content modules – including contact forms, CTAs, embedded code, locations, news, people
  • Separate development, staging, and production environments


The new Heywood Hospital and Athol Hospital websites delivered a much-needed, unified web presence for Heywood Healthcare. By creating the site in a modular, flexible way, Heywood’s marketing team is equipped with dynamic web tools which allow them to be much more efficient when creating and running their digital promotional campaigns. Site traffic and utilization has increased significantly and Heywood now benefits from stronger search engine optimization and better overall audience engagement and conversion.