BroadcastMed assists clients in creating and producing video content (usually healthcare related), hosting it on their platform, and promoting it to the world. While overall business development seemed to be headed in the right direction, BroadcastMed knew its technology offerings needed to be modernized and streamlined in order to position itself for future growth. Our team was tasked with reviewing and analyzing client content from several different platforms and then migrating it into a newly-architected, sophisticated, centralized web publishing system.


Through extensive planning, research, design, and web development we were able to assist BroadcastMed in creating an exciting new platform that allows clients to benefit from its feature-rich functionality and high-performance reliability. By combining enterprise content management with a sophisticated Content Delivery Network (CDN) backbone in a clustered, load-balanced web serving model, the platform is able to deliver extremely large, high-quality video assets to users instantly. We also created a comprehensive reporting / analytics structure for all client assets.

Solution Highlights

  • Sophisticated, multi-client web platform
  • Flexibility to meet client branding and style guideline needs
  • Enterprise content management
  • Video management and streaming
  • Content Delivery Network integration and management
  • Clustered server model
  • Separate development, staging, and production environments


The new platform allows BroadcastMed to serve all clients with great sophistication, scalability, and, most importantly, at a lower price point. Designed to handle increased client traffic demand, the new solution allows BroadcastMed to deliver great content to numerous healthcare-related audiences while simultaneously generating measurable business results for all clients.